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Ditch the Felony Criminal Bonds Why Doing the Crime For the Time Can Actually be a Good Thing

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There’s a reason why the words jail and bail rhyme so well together. Maybe it’s because the invaluable bail bond services provided by bail bondsman are so highly sought after and needed. Whether it’s for non-arrest bonds, misdemeanor bail bonds, or felony criminal bonds, a bail bond agency provides a much needed service. Because really — who wants to spend more time in jail than they have to? What’s the point of that? Well, surprisingly — or unsurprisingly depending on who ask — doing some time for the crime actually has a few benefits for both inmates and their loved ones.

For the loved ones of the incarcerated, having someone you love involved in a legal matter that resulted in jail or prison time can be truly difficult. Between attempting to balance, navigate, and understanding the feelings of anger, shame, frustration, resentment, and even embarrassment with a natural need to protect and help someone you love, a person can emotionally and mentally shut down while their loved one is locked up. This is especially true for parents that become single parents when the other parent becomes incarcerated.

Parents of children that are incarcerated also have it especially hard and suffer a devastating emotional toll. They may struggle with feeling protective of their child and may rush to secure felony criminal bonds to minimize the amount of time their child, even if they’re an adult, spends in jail. Due to being in a severe state of shock or disbelief, they may even be in denial in regards to the severity of the crime their child committed.

On the other hand, some parents of adult children in jail have no choice but to get felony criminal bonds for their adult children time after time after time again. Often times, they feel compelled to do so or feel as though they have no choice, especially if their adult child has a child of their own to take care of and attend to. Many grandparents may not have the financial resources or physical capabilities to care for their grandchildren on a full time basis or become their legal guardian. As such, they feel as though they have no option other than to bail their adult child and parent of their grandchildren out of jail.

Or, some parents, caregivers, friends, and other family members of the incarcerated feel as though they’re simply doing a favor by getting felony criminal bonds time after time after time again. While deep down they be frustrated, annoyed, angry, and concerned for the well being of the incarcerated, they can’t bear the idea of letting down a loved one in need.

Unsurprisingly however, going to jail or prison actually has some serious benefits for both the incarcerated as well as their loved ones on the outside. Although jails and prisons are not the ideal environment for fun, relaxation, and entertainment — after all, they are institutions of discipline — they are however a place where tremendous personal growth can take place. So before you rush you secure felony criminal bonds for a loved one that’s about to be locked up, consider the benefits first. Because sometimes it does pay to do the time for a crime committed.

First and foremost, jail or prison time provides the ultimate opportunity for self reflection. Think of it as an extreme form of adult time out, only without the comforts of childhood. With all that time on their hands, inmates have no choice but to think about what they did that landed in them in joint in the first place, with the ultimate goal being a realization not to ever do it again. After living in such close quarters with hardened criminals, being treated like one, and time spent away from loved ones, many inmates turn their lives around for the better after being locked up.

Being locked up also gives loved ones on the outside plenty of time to deeply reflect as well. They may realize their enablers, or that they’re better off cutting times with the incarcerated person.

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