DUI Charges Happen, Even To Good People

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Getting arrested for a DUI is scary especially if it is your first offense. Many things may be going through your head at that particular moment, while you are scared and wondering what your next step should be. Preparing for a DUI arrest is not something that anyone plans on doing, however knowing what to do in the event of a DUI arrest may save you time, money and your license. A skilled defense attorney who knows DUI laws can help alleviate some confusion and fears that you may have.

What Constitutes a DUI in Colorado?
A DUI offense in Colorado occurs when a driver has a blood alcohol content, BAC, level at .08% or higher for drivers over 21, 02% for drivers under 21. A first time DUI offense in Colorado can get your license suspended for one year. The fines in Colorado resulting from a DUI conviction range from $300 to as much as $1,000. For this reason it is important to contact an experienced Colorado DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

What Fees Are Involved in a DUI?
If you are convicted of a first time DUI offense in Colorado you can expect a few things to happen. You will pay a fine. In addition to the fine you can expect to pay increased insurance expenses, fees and mandated alcohol classes. These fees can add up quick and become a burden. Adding another fee, such as the fee for a criminal defense lawyer may not seem logical, but it is smart. A Colorado DUI attorney can ease your mind, and offer their expertise to something you hardly know anything about.

What about Jail Time?
Upon your first DUI conviction you will be sentenced to jail time. This time will vary from five days to one year. The most common scenario is ten days in jail. Investing in an experienced and aggressive Denver Co DUI attorney as soon as you are released will be beneficial.

What Other Repercussions Are Involved?
Aside from jail time, you can expect community service as well. Typically 49 to 96 hours of community service is ordered. In addition to community service, alcohol education classes may be ordered. You are also responsible for the fees associated with these classes.

How Can Colorado DUI Lawyers Help?
DUI laws are extremely complex and require the in depth research that the best DUI lawyers put in. Your DUI defense attorney will review all the records from your arrest. They will attend and represent you at all court appearances. You defense attorney can also negotiate with the judge and the prosecutor in an effort to get your charges reduced or even dismissed.

When searching for the best Colorado DUI attorneys remember that your attorney will be protecting your rights. They will also have your best interest in mind when representing you. For this reason always be upfront and honest with them. The arrest has already happened and that cannot be changed. Moving forward with your case, make sure that your lawyer is aware of all the circumstances surrounding the incident and the arrest to ensure they can best represent you.

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