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Hiring a Military Divorce Lawyer

As one of the oldest and most socially embedded institutions of all, marriage is something with a lot of industries and statistics tracking tied to it. Everything, from dating services to wedding planners to hotels at popular honeymoon sites is based on it, but the same is true for when a marriage ends in divorce. And for members of the American armed forces, going through a divorce will require not only standard legal assistance from a lawyer, but accommodations for military service for one or both spouses. The solution is to find a military divorce lawyer, and in the case of spouses with children, a family lawyer might be needed as the military divorce proceeds. How to find and use a military divorce lawyer can make the process easier and faster for everyone involved.

The Stats of Marriage

There is no divorce without marriage, though that is not to say that marriages are always fated for divorce. Far from it. Today’s new couples marry later, on average, than those of earlier generations, with an average age of 25 for women, and 28 for men marrying for the first time. For marriages that do end with divorce, on average, the marriage lasts for around eight years before divorce happens, and in the U.S. Navy in particular, the rates of divorce are close to 12.5%. It is believed that 50% of children in the United States are affected by divorce, and 75% of those kids end up living with their mothers. For both divorced mothers and fathers, overall, there are an estimated 13.4 million custodial single parents living in the United States today. Family law can handle such cases, but when one or both spouses is an active service member, a military divorce lawyer may be needed.

Making Use of a Military Divorce Lawyer

A military service member looking for a divorce lawyer has several steps to follow, according to Burch Law Firm LLC. Internet searches for a military divorce lawyer can yield many results, and often, the searcher will base the location on where the family currently lives, or where the service member is currently stationed, such as searching for “Texas military lawyer” or a search even more specific, such as “Military divorce lawyers San Antonio.” What is more, some military bases or posts will have legal assistance offices that can provide a list of lawyers who represent service members and their dependents in nearby courts. These lawyers will most often be familiar with working with military personnel and know how to handle their cases.

Researching and vetting lawyers is another important step to take. Often, a lawyer’s personal awards are less relevant than previous client reviews, and while one bad review may not disqualify a lawyer, multiple bad reviews on a particular issue can be a warning sign. A preferred lawyer may be one who has familiarity and experience with issues that the searcher is facing, and some lawyers may or may not have experience working with military personnel. Once a few good lawyers are found, consultations with them, free or not, can help the searcher find one final military divorce lawyer to use. A lawyer who charges a fee for a consultation is not necessarily a con or playing dirty; after all, they are using their valuable time to offer much needed services to potential clients. And with a lawyer who has experience working with military personnel, the fee might well be worth it, especially if the divorcing couple has kids to consider.

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