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Taking A Look At The Importance Of The Personal Injury Lawyer In The United States

As any personal injury law firm or personal injury lawyer will know all too well, personal injury cases are all too common here in the United States. And personal injury cases that involve car accidents or other such motor vehicle accidents are particularly prevalent, making up more than fifty percent (fifty two percent, to be more exact) of all personal injury cases that are seen, at least here in the United States.

In these car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents, tragedies all too often occur. Of the six million car accidents that will happen in just one year in the United States alone, three million or so injuries will be sustained. While some of these injuries will heal well and the injured party will be able to move on with their lives relatively normally, this will not be the case in every situation.

Some injuries in relation to car accidents are known to be very severe. Ranging from partial to total paralysis to sometimes lifelong chronic issues with pain, the aftereffects of any given car accident are not always fleeting. Some injuries that are sustained in motor vehicle accidents will have life long repercussions, and can alter the lives of the victims on a permanent basis, changing their world around them completely.

The deaths that occur as a direct result of a car accident should also not be taken lightly. It is anticipated that at least thirty thousand people will die each year in car accidents throughout the United States, and in some years, this death toll is considerably higher. In the year of 2015, for example, more than thirty two thousand people died as a result of car accidents alone. In other years past, the number has climbed so high as to exceed thirty seven thousand deaths.

It is up to the personal injury law firm to identify the liability in these preventable car accidents. Once a personal injury law firm is able to do so, said personal injury law firm and the personal injury attorney who has been assigned to the case will then be able to bet the victims the settlement money that they deserve.

Intoxicated driving is one such cause of preventable car accidents, one seen quite frequently by the typical personal injury law firm here in the United States. After all, it is not uncommon for more than one million people to be arrested from driving while under the influence, either of alcohol itself or of another legal or illegal drug. These types of car accidents are so common that for every two minutes that have passed, another person has become injured in some way or another as a direct result of drunk driving.

Drunk driving is particularly prevalent, with as many as three hundred thousand people getting behind the wheel each and every day here in the United States. Of these people, however, only around four thousand of them – or even less – will actually be apprehended. Actually, the typical habitual drunk driver will be able to get away with driving drunk for as many as eighty times before finally being caught. And the longer such drivers are left on the road, the more danger they will pose not only to themselves, but to the people around them as well.

The typical personal injury law firm is also well aware of the fact that it is not just alcohol that makes driving dangerous but that other drugs can have an incredibly dangerous intoxication affect as well. In fact, more than fifteen percent of the six million or so car accidents that occur on a yearly basis are directly caused by the consumption and after effects of drugs, illegal and legal alike, that are not alcohol. Such drivers can pose an equal if not even greater threat to the rode and many lives have been lost and injuries have been caused because of them.

Of course, driving while drunk or otherwise under the influence is certainly not the only cause of car accidents in the United States. From speeding to driving while distracted, the road can certainly be a dangerous place in this country.

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