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How Are You Teaching Your Children the Spirit of Giving This Holiday Season?

“The kids are going to be so excited to open these presents, Mom!”
Today your Rav4 is looking a little more Santa’s Sleigh than a mom car as it is filled to the brim with holiday love and light for ten kiddos in you hometown. Thanks to the generous organization and impact of a local charity resource you have been able to connect the donations you have collected over the last few weeks. You could probably make a slideshow of the process of you and your four year old son shopping for three single parent households.

While you are watching some of your friends deal with child custody attorneys you know that you are fortunate that you have a working relationship with the father of your child. Instead of spending hours in mediation, you have spent many hours in the mall looking for the best purchase decisions that can help you get the most for the money you have to spend. You have worked over night to sort and wrap not just the gifts that you are giving to your child, but to other children as well.

This journey, however, started long ago. It started the day that you and the father of your child realized that being married was not going to be an option. And instead of long hours working with family divorce lawyers you were actually able to sit down just the two of you and work out a complicated joint custody arrangement that would span tow countries.

Do You Have Questions to Ask an Attorney About Divorce?

Divorce lawyers and child custody attorneys help many people work through the difficult transitions that you face in your life. And while many parents are trying to teach their children about having a giving heart this time of the year, there are other families who are facing difficult days ahead with child custody attorneys.

Even in the midst of the holiday season, the reality is that in America the divorce rate for a first marriage is nearly 41%. for second and third marriages, however, the percentages are even higher: 60% for second and 73% for third. And while we often think of divorce as a decision that affects the youngest of children, there are also many other age groups that are affected by these decisions. In fact, more than one million people have parents who separate or divorce every year in the U.S.
Uncontested divorces and those that are amicably handled may be easier to handle, but even those transitions can benefit from the help of an experienced attorney. If you have a goal of teaching your children about the importance of thinking of others this holiday season, it is important to get the help that you need to make one of the biggest transitions in your life. Divorce is not always easy, but with the help of the right resources you can manage to succeed this difficult work, even during the holiday season.

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