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How Bail Bonds Can Help Ensure a Fair Trial

If someone well-known to you is arrested, you can pay some cash to get the person free, and the concept is called bail bonding. You can contact your lawyer to understand how to pay someone’s bail. A justice bond is essential to help the¬†convict be set free by the court instead of facing a jail term. However, the following is what you should know about the types of bail bonds.

Cash bonds

This is the full amount of bond a person is expected to pay in cash for the defendant to be released. The bond is nonrefundable. To post the cash bond, you need to contact your local sheriff’s office, where you will get the necessary instructions. In case the defendant is returned to jail, you can get your money back after filing the required paperwork with the court.

Surety bonds

What does a cash Surety bond mean? It is an agreement between an individual and a bondsman. At this point, the bondsman accepts to post a bond to help release a defendant from jail. A bondsman is essential when you lack enough cash to cover the required full bond amount and sheriff’s fee.

Monetary bail

What does monetary bail mean? It is the money the state charges to release individuals from custody when their cases proceed. They are released on their own recognizance, which means that they are trusted to return for trial.


Bail bonds houston

If you watch a lot of cop shows on tv, you might think that the jails are full bad guys who belong there. In actual fact, prisons in the U.S. are full of people who are just waiting until their cases can be decided by the courts. Recognizing the need for people to remain free while undergoing trial, the U.S. Constitution and a series of laws have made sure that anyone undergoing trial has the right to petition for bail. There are many different kinds of bail, from non-arrest bonds to felony criminal bonds to misdemeanor bonds.

The need for bail
Why do you need bail and why does the judicial system recognize the need for bail? First of all, it’s because not everyone who is in prison is a convicted criminal. In fact, more than 60% of the prison population has not been convicted of any crime. They’re just waiting till their cases can be decided by the courts. This could take weeks and even months.
This means the complete disruption of the life of defendant. It affects not just the people in prison but also their families, communities, neighbors, friends and co-workers. It disrupts community life and the workplace.

A fair trial
Prison is a stressful place, and cuts off communication with families, lawyers, friends and other sources of support. For someone who has not been convicted of a crime, it means that they are serving their sentence before the verdict.
Being in prison also means that it is much more difficult to prepare a sound defense. In the interests of allowing the defendant to have a fair trial with a solid defense, the legal system allows for the possibility of bail.

How bail bond agencies help
Bonds allow defendants to regain their freedom and to use all their resources to prove their innocence. Overcrowded jails and a heavily overburdened legal system mean that mistakes can be made. Since 2000, U.S. jails have been operating at 91% of their capacity, on average. As of 2014, around 6.75 million people around the country were under some kind of correctional supervision.
Bail bonds allow defendants to regain their freedom while they fight their case in the courts. If the judge decides that the defendant is not a flight risk and is not violent, bail may be set. Usually the amount is too high for an individual to come up with right away. This is where a bail bond agency can help.

What is a bail bond?
In exchange for a non-refundable fee, which is usually around 10% of the total amount of the bond, the bail bondsman agrees to stand as surety that the defendant will make all of his court dates. For all kinds of bonds, including non-arrest bonds, a bail bond company can help you or your friends regain your freedom.

Since the judicial system is based on the presumption of innocence, bail is an essential part of the legal process. Bail bonds, including non-arrest bonds, are an essential constitutionally-protected right. By freeing people who have not yet been convicted, it helps them to have a fair trial with a strong defense.


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