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Important Questions to Ask During a Child Custody Consultation

There are a few key questions you need to ask a child custody attorney before you start your consultation. You want to go back to court to modify your current agreement. To do this, you need to answer a few questions.

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The first question is what has changed in your life that you want to modify the current agreement? To get a judge to agree to a modification, you need to prove that you are in need of the modification. So, how exactly have your circumstances changed that you need to readjust?

You should also know exactly what you plan on asking the court to approve or change. If you’re here and looking for a modification in the agreement, the assumption is that you know exactly what type of change you want. Being unhappy with the current circumstance isn’t good enough. Be prepared by knowing exactly what you want the outcome to be.

Furtermore, make sure that the final decision and outcome is what you really want. If you ask for modification and you receive it, you can’t change your mind. If you do end unchanging your mind, don’t expect to get another modification any time soon.


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