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Step By Step Timeline of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are in need of using a personal injury attorney, you should consider some tips for a basic understanding of what happens during your case. A personal injury attorney will advise you in the best way to make the right choice for your timeline. In general, you should expect a few steps after an accident, including calling the police, possible an ambulance, and getting a report filled out.

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If you are at a commercial business, you will want to call a manager of the business and let them know about the incident. Within one week, if you require medical treatment, you will want to get that started with the referrals you have. If you need to get some care for an injury, it will be beneficial to provide that to your insurance company, so accuracy about what happened takes place. Reaching out and getting a consultation from a lawyer is a great way to get an understanding of how in depth your case may be with your injuries. If someone else was involved in the accident, you should collect information from them about insurance, property damage, and what financial details need to be settled.

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