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Know Your Rights – There is a Legal Process to Protect Whistleblowers!

Whistleblower attorneys

Take your qui tam lawsuits to the experts in this area of the law! In the work place, or as you go about your daily living, you encounter issues or products that may violate the law or your civil rights. If you experience a situation where you realize laws are being broken, and you decide to take action against the company or product, you may want to find a whistleblower lawyer that specializes in protection for those who report wrongdoing.
Maybe you see discriminatory practices at work. Possibly the company you work for is cutting corners in production of the products they produce but continues to advertise that the product is effective. As an employee or a consumer, you may become aware that companies or programs are inappropriately requesting funds or charging the government for services or products.
These issues can sometimes be hard to prove and very often cause extreme difficulties to those who pursue lawsuits in these areas. Negligence, discrimination and fraud are just a few examples of reporting of wrongdoing that are hard to prove and can require a lengthy and expensive legal battle. In the case of qui tam lawsuits, the person who initiates the action or the realtor, reports that there is a false claim being made against the federal government, and this person is often an individual reporting against a major company.
A person in this situation may want to find a whistleblower attorney who can fully explain the qui tam lawsuits procedure, whistleblower policy and whistleblower protection programs and processes. Often those who report on wrongdoing have the potential to be retaliated against. Of those who have reported wrongdoing as a whistleblower, 22% say that because of their actions in reporting the wrongdoing, they experienced retaliation. Because of the possibility of retaliation, you may consider it very important to contact a lawyer or legal office that specializes in the area of qui tam lawsuits or whistleblower protection prior to making your claim.
Often in the case of programs funded by the federal government, such as Medicare, it is the individual working for the company who provides a service or product that is paid for by Medicare or perhaps the individual who receives benefits of Medicare reimbursements who is the first to notice that wrongdoing is taking place. This situation would be representative a qui tam lawsuits. These types of new qui tam litigation filings have increased by as much as 13% over the last 24 years. Some of the fraud lawsuit cases have been initiated by the government; however over 60% of all false claims litigation have been filed as qui tam lawsuits cases according to the Department of Justice statistics.
An individual who decides to bring forward this type of case, where he or she becomes aware of or is the victim of fraud or wrongdoing and this fraud is being perpetrated against the federal government, that person can be awarded part of any proceeds arising from the monetary award if the lawsuit is won in court. Know your rights and if you report wrongdoing which results in a lawsuit, you may want to find whistleblower protection to prevent retaliation!

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