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Mom Throws Themed Party for Toddler Obsessed With Personal Injury Lawyer

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There can be no doubt that personal injury lawyers provide important services, since personal injury cases provide recourse for people who have been hurt and need help paying their medical bills. But rarely do even the best law firms have fans — and even more rarely are those fans still in diapers.

Still, that’s the case with 2-year-old Grayson Dobra, who celebrated his birthday earlier this year with a personal injury lawyer-themed party. Grayson is particularly fond of New Orleans personal injury lawyer Morris Bart, whose ads feature flashing lights, music and a catchy motto: “One Call, That’s All!”

When Grayson isn’t watching Bart’s ads on TV, his mother, L’erin Dobra, told the Wall Street Journal‘s Law Blog July 28, he likes to watch them on YouTube.

Dobra was able to get her son a cake topped with an edible photo of Bart, Grayson’s grandmother found him a toddler-sized Morris Bart T-shirt, and Grayson even unwrapped his presents to find they included a cardboard cutout of his favorite personal injury lawyer.

Bart didn’t attend the party, but he did respond to an email from Dobra by sending an autographed photo, some official keychains, and a New Orleans Pelicans shirt branded with the Morris Bart logo (size XL).

Bart told the Law Blog that although it’s not unusual for him to get an autograph request — he’s been advertising on TV for 35 years, and is a familiar face in the region — this was an unusual, albeit flattering, circumstance.

He also joked that maybe it’s a sign he needs to start marketing to the new generation. “He might be a future lawyer,” Bart said. “That could be a future competitor of mine many years down the road.”

So where does Bart fall when compared to Grayson’s other interests, such as Mickey Mouse — who was the star of his first birthday party?

“He still likes Mickey,” Grayson’s mother said, “[but] given a choice between the two, Morris Bart will always win.”

Have you ever heard of an attorney at law inspiring such devotion? Join the discussion in the comments.

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