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Lawsuits That Will Make You Want a Legal Insurance Plan

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Many people would never even consider the ways that they could benefit from prepaid legal insurance. But you never know when you might find yourself in need of a lawyer or attorney! It doesn’t always have to be a criminal activity that lands you in a lawsuit. If you want to avoid surprise legal fees in your life, it never hurts to be prepared. But in case you needed more incentive, here are some people who probably should have looked at prepaid legal insurance before they left the house.

Nice try, can’t point the finger at us! – Anna Ayala ordered a chili from Wendy’s and found in it what she described as a “severed finger.” She tried to sue them, but they refuted the claim by pointing out that the finger was not cooked, so couldn’t possibly have been in the chili to begin with. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, it turned out that she was lying, and that she had planted the severed fingertip in the chili herself. I’ll let that one hang in the air for a while.

Hey, watch where you’re going! – Gayane Zokhrabov was waiting for the train, minding her own business, when she was struck suddenly by the entrails of a person who’d been struck by the passing train. She decided to sue for emotional damages, but the judge dismissed the case. Why? Because she tried to sue the man who’d died. He should probably watch where he’s throwing elbows next time.

Alright, here’s the deal – After kidnapping a young couple, Jesse Dimmick promised that he would give them money to hide him from the cops. They agreed, then immediately turned him in, violating what Dimmick described as a “verbal contract.” He attempted to sue the couple for $235,000, but his case was dropped when the judge pointed out it would be illegal to hide a fugitive, rendering their verbal contract null and void.

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