Should I Hire An Immigration Lawyer When Applying For Citizenship?

Obtaining American citizenship is a complex process. You’ve likely run into more than a few roadblocks yourself on the way to receiving your green card.

When you’re growing more frustrated than hopeful, rest easy knowing there are options available. The best immigration lawyer can help you move past these roadblocks and help you with all the minor and major details involved in a conclusion. There are millions of foreign-born people living in the country today, with many still struggling to receive immigration help. With immigration laws changing multiple times this year alone, you’re better off not risking the possibility of legal interference.

Here’s what you should know about immigration legal help.

Did You Know?

The United States is a diverse nation with a long and complicated history. As explored above, the country has a significant population of citizens and foreign-born people. A recent study found there are as many as 45 million immigrants in the country to date, though this is expected to increase steadily over the coming decade. Over 60% of immigrants in the United States today have lived here for at least 15 years, to boot. Your story will be just one of many over the coming years.

Immigrants In America

You’re far from the only person in need of a little extra advice on how to become a citizen. Whether you’re moving for employment opportunities or increased security for your family, the additional burden of paperwork can make an already rough road rougher. The number of foreign-born individuals across the American population has quadrupled since the 1960’s. Between 1995 and 2015 immigrant homeownership rose by nearly 3% while American homeownership remained at a rather flat rate. By the time 2065 arrives this will reach nearly 80 million.

The Growth Of Citizenship

More and more families, couples and individuals are trying to obtain citizenship. This is to keep themselves from getting into legal trouble and to increase their ability to be accepted for better jobs or higher education. Lawful immigrants account for an estimated three-quarters of the foreign-born population in the country. That’s as much as 14% of all Americans total. With immigration laws becoming more strict it’s not suggested you attempt to circumvent immigration help on your way to a green card.

Common Concerns About Citizenship

Many things are easier said than done. You’re likely wondering whether or not it’s worth the trouble to find a good immigration lawyer. The biggest issue when it comes to obtaining citizenship is just getting all the paperwork right. Language barriers can also make this process much slower than it needs to be. A 2016 survey found Mexicans to account for 25% of immigrants in the United States, cementing them as the largest foreign-born group in the country.

Questions To Ask Your Immigration Lawyer

Immigration laws are going through yet more changes. Even a small factor like which country you came from or the last time you applied for citizenship can make it hard to obtain your green card. A national survey saw two-thirds of those eligible for citizenship obtaining it by the time 2015 wrapped up. Residents who became naturalized citizens that year spent a median average of seven years in LPR status. Making this process shorter, as well as successful, is best done with the best immigration lawyers on your side. Make sure to ask them about how long you and your family will wait, what to expect over the following years and whether or not you can still legally work.

They can walk you through the paperwork and ensure no detail is missed on your way to citizenship.

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