IER Mann Legal News hompeage Legal Marketing Services: 10 Tips to Improve Web Presence and Increase Caseload

Legal Marketing Services: 10 Tips to Improve Web Presence and Increase Caseload

Legal Marketing Services: 10 Tips to Improve Web Presence and Increase Caseload

Your traditional marketing strategies and inbound marketing techniques must be combined with latest marketing trends to create a good picture of your law firm. Whether you are using third party marketing services or in-house marketing, it is very necessary to understand the grave importance of web presence.  To make your web presences attractive and appealing, you just need to develop a good website with attention gardening content.

The following tips will help you to develop good web presence:

1. Have a clear brand vision:
Whatever you update on your website, it must support the brand vision of your law firm. Your message has to be concise, clear and compelling.

2. Make the most of your blog:
HubSpot’s Marketing Benchmarks claims that those law firms which post 1 or 2 blog posts once a month generate 70% more leads than those firms which do not post any blog. And, blogging is very necessary for more leads and traffic.

3. Create good, responsive content:
Your website content should be reader friendly and it must be solving the problems most of the people look for. You must be well versed with this trend and what you need to do is to develop a good content strategy for turning your website visitor into customer.

4. Make it easy for your prospects to find what they want and convert:
SLI System conducted a study on the behavior of the website visitors and said that “73% customers abandon the site if they do not find their required solutions just in 2 minutes”. Hence , your legal services should be shorter and appealing.

5. Give visitors a reason to share your content:
The wider web presence you develop the wider traffic you would generate.  Try to post good blog posts with appealing titles so that people can share it on social media.  You should also do the same. Share it on all social media website for getting more and more traffic.

6. Cultivate reviews:
In 2013 Bright Local surveyed that 85% consumers read the reviews of a certain product.  Hence, ask your customers to leave review on your website in this regard.

7. Choose your social networks wisely:
Choose your social media connections very wisely as it has been surveyed that LinkedIn drives more corporate visitors than any other social media website. Hence try to identify a meaningful platform for sharing your information on web.

8. Optimize your website for natural search:
Unless your website is not optimized with in page and of page techniques, you would not be able to generate huge traffic to your website. You should either hire SEO Company or Hire SEO writer for optimizing your content as per the search engine standards.

9. Test and adjust:
HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report claims that those marketers who conduct A/B testing have bright chances of success. Hence you must conduct timely tests.

10. Work with the right agency:
Most of the law firms do not have experts in these areas, however, when you decide to hire company, it must be in your mind that whether it is satisfactory and result oriented or not? For legal marketing services, try to hire experienced companies with established portfolio.

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