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What Should I Do After A Car Accident? How To Get Back On Your Feet After A Serious Injury

Missing work

You’ve been injured recently. Now what?

A personal injury claim may be on the list. This can sound like a tall order, especially with recovery at the forefront of your mind, but this may be the best course of action to help you move forward without a hitch. Legal services are available to offer you the advice and resources necessary to get you back in touch with your job following an injury.

Slips And Falls

The workplace is home to its own unique hazards. Slips, trips and falls are among the most common. Ongoing studies documenting the long-term effect of slips and falls found over 20% of these incidents resulting in more than a month away from work. When bouncing back from an injury the last thing you need is worrying about keeping your job or paying off your bills. Fractures occur in 5% of people who have experienced a slip and fall incident. Even those that sustain minor injury still have to contend with lost hours and reduced mobility as they recover.

Legal services are familiar with personal injury sustained on the job and can provide you assistance with hiring the right attorney for the job.

Car Accidents And Drunk Driving

The United States sees thousands of car crashes happening every single day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (also known as the NHTSA) reported over 35,000 motorcycle-related accidents in 2015 alone. For further perspective on the prevalence of car crashes, an astonishing 50% of all personal injury cases are related to vehicle accidents. The most common causes of car accidents, as we know it, are distracted driving, speeding and drunk driving. Vehicle neglect is also becoming an increasingly common contributor.

When searching for a personal injury lawyer it can help to find one with a specialization. A car accident lawyer focuses on helping clients recover from the aftermath of a crash.

Work-Related Illnesses

Just like you can sustain an injury on the job, so too can you become sick on the job. The flu is one of the most common illnesses spread in the workplace. In fact, it’s estimated over 20% of Americans will come down with the flu every year. Similar to the common cold symptoms can include lethargy, congestion and sneezing. Unlike the common cold, however, the flu is often accompanied by fever, chills and nausea. Additional concerns can include contracting a disease while on the clock. It’s the responsibility of a company to keep its workers safe from the spread of bacteria.

Legal services is a broad field meant to help people after a significant setback. Injury compensation can include available workers’ comp resources in your state.

Contacting Legal Services

Perhaps it was negligent behavior that had you contracting a disease on the job. Maybe you have a serious injury that is preventing you from getting back to your job. Whatever is holding you back from staying productive, your unique case is worthy of professional attention. Your local law firm is a prime location to give your situation proper assistance, starting with finding the right attorney and moving on from there to set up paperwork. It’s important to note a vast majority of 95% of all personal injury cases are settled pretrial, so it’s more than likely you will reach a resolution without a court hearing.

“Now what?” can be a hard question. Let legal services provide you with some answers.

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