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What Kind Of Cases Can Be Resolved Outside Of Federal Court?

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What is arbitration? The sad truth is that many cases go straight to the federal court system when they could be resolved with meditation. Many believe that mediation is for family law, ignoring the possibilities that come with complex commercial cases. Not every commercial case has to be taken straight to federal court, and in fact a lot of money would be saved if they weren’t. There’s a lot to be considered before taking a case to court, and perhaps the most important thing to do is identify what’s being dealt with.

Copyright And Patent Law

Many of the commercial cases that can be handled outside of federal court … that is, with arbitration and mediation, among other things … deal with copyright and patent law. Copyright and patent law often end up concerning intellectual property, and in an Internet … reliant world, there are more and more questions of what is copyright violation, and what constitutes ownership. An arbitration service may be able to help in cases wherein copyright holders feel that their copyrights are being violated; in fact, situations like these are among those that often end in deals that satisfy all parties.

License Agreements

There is really no reason why cases dealing with licensing agreements need to go to federal court. Mediation services are excellent options for those struggling to manage license agreements, especially as they tend to fall under laws similar to those governing copyrights and patents.

Bankruptcy Issues

As difficult as it is to confront things like bankruptcy, you’re better off doing so through mediation and arbitration. A lot of conflicts can arise surrounding bankruptcy, especially if the person declaring it owes money to individuals or even the government. These can be resolved with as little damage as possible when the proper preparation is taken.

What Are The Benefits Of Litigating Out Of Federal Court?

Litigating and keeping issues out of federal court comes with benefits aside from meditation and arbitration. Through these methods, many white collar offenses can be taken care of with far less personal and financial harm to either the defendant or the plaintiff. Attorneys can take advantage of resources like mock trials, and clients can know that they’re doing everything they can to have their problems solved in as simple a way as possible.

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