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Yes, You CAN Lose Your License for Drunk Driving A Toy Barbie Car

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You will need a DWI defense attorney to avoid severe penalties if you’re caught Driving While Intoxicated. Drunk driving can endanger others and result in misdemeanor or felony traffic violations. But it’s hard to imagine the lawyer who wouldn’t need a good five minutes to laugh before taking on these cases. Here are the top contenders for “Most Embarrassing Arrests,” and a moment of silence for everyone involved in the arrest procedures who had to keep a straight face.

1. “Motorized Vehicles” Includes Motorized Beer Coolers

This one comes out of Australia, where a man was, of course, driving his motorized beer cooler while drunk. The charges for his arrest in 2011 included DWI and driving without a license. The mobile cooler was apparently makeshift, and the man’s DWI defense attorney angled to argue whether it could even be considered a “vehicle.” Unfortunately for the 23 year old, it does indeed count, and he was given a $500 fine and a nine month license ban.

2. Chain Reaction

A New Zealand teen called his mother after being arrested for DWI. His mother was stopped on the way to get him and herself was arrested for driving drunk. So SHE called her husband to get them both, and what do you know? He, too, was caught drunk driving on the way to the station. This seems more like a family problem for a therapist than a DWI defense attorney. Let this be a lesson: always have backup emergency contacts if your circle of friends and family often indulge.

3. Points for Honesty

A Wisconsin woman began her 911 call by informing the operator “someone” was drunk driving down the road she was also driving on. When the operator asked if she was behind them, the woman apparently responded, “No, I am them.” Once the operator made sure she heard right, she guided the woman to pull over and wait for police, which the woman complied with. While her honesty didn’t earn her any legal leniency, she certainly endeared herself somewhat to the bemused responders.

4. Too Young to Drink OR Drive

One couple was right to conclude they were too drunk to drive, but very wrong in the conclusion that their son should drive for them — when he was only 13. The family had been at a pizza restaurant and the parents split a bottle of wine. Both had been convicted of drunk driving before, so obviously the only option left was to let the person too young to even drink get them home. Too bad he was also too young to drive.

The boy complied for a while, but was so terrified that he eventually just stopped in the middle of a street and refused to go any farther. Eventually police got a stopped vehicle call and came to take care of the things. The couple can now add “child endangerment” and “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” to their repertoire.

5. Barbie Dreamcar DWI

A double whammie, this UK man regrets his little joyride after getting caught driving with a suspended license and while under the influence… in a toy Barbie car. Once again, motorized is motorized, so his license ban was extended and he was made to pay the court costs.

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