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  • Filing for a disability claim is no walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle, either. Your veterans disability claims are important, and you have a right to file legitimate claims. Veterans disability ratings should be taken into account when filing your claim, as well as other factors. In order to [...]

  • One of the very first things that we learn when we are growing up and figuring out how to navigate life is that accidents happen. Unfortunately, some of these accidents can be more severe than others, and may call for the necessity of a personal injury lawyer. An accident lawyer with the right personal injury [...]

  • Motorcycle safety is incredibly important. It’s so easy to crash on a motorcycle either because someone did not see you or because you were not paying attention. The problem with motorcycle accidents is that they are often extremely serious, even fatal. If you get into an accident you or your family will likely need personal [...]

  • Law enforcement agencies around the country are cracking down on people who they suspect are driving under the influence (DUI). Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) estimate that when a person is arrested for this offense, they have already done this at least 80 times. An estimated 300,000 people who are under the influence of drugs [...]

  • Driving drunk is never a good thing. Yet it happens anyway. For many people this is a wakeup call, making them realize that they need help. However, they’re often unable to get the help they need based on the fact that they’re facing serious charges. As you’ll discover below, the consequences that come with being [...]