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  • Dealing with excessive force when it comes to police is certainly one of the most polarizing issues in America today. People are both quick to judge the offending officer and the alleged victim and this can result in being one of the most sensitive types of cases possible. Injury attorneys could be needed if personal [...]

  • Driving is a massive responsibility. You have to be mindful of people crossing the road, adhering to traffic safety laws and regularly maintaining your car when the icy weather hits. Unfortunately, the United States struggles with an epidemic of drunk driving. Also known as driving under the influence, criminal law sees an influx of offenders [...]

  • If you watch a lot of cop shows on tv, you might think that the jails are full bad guys who belong there. In actual fact, prisons in the U.S. are full of people who are just waiting until their cases can be decided by the courts. Recognizing the need for people to remain free [...]

  • If you’re seeking the help of a lawyer for any reason whatsoever — personal injury claims, copyright infringement, criminal defense, etc. — it is important to consider some specific points. When choosing an attorney, you must keep the nature of your situation in mind, and find the most appropriate legal representation based on what your [...]

  • Divorce is something that nobody wants to think about until it’s actually happening. We’re often encouraged to be as romantic as possible when preparing for marriage — both by those we know and love, and by society at large. We focus so much on love stories that we fail to consider practicalities. This is one [...]

  • It’s not easy seeking out legal advice. It seems anything can go wrong at any moment, from losing your possessions in a burglary to facing familial struggles. Thankfully, there’s an attorney available to help you get back on the right track. Family law and car accident lawyers are just some of the resources you can [...]

  • If you want to know what the average personal injury settlement amounts are, then you may be shocked by the answer. There really is no “average” when it comes to a personal injury settlement because every case varies accordingly. There are so many things about the average personal injury settlement amounts that most people aren’t [...]

  • If you think you can get through certain legal battles on your own you may want to think again, with a lot of offenses and situations you’re just plain better off contacting an attorney. Especially, if you are in court for breaking the law, having a criminal defense lawyer by your side may reduce any [...]

  • Even though you were only 12 at the time, you still remember hearing the news about workers comp like it was yesterday. You were at an elementary roller skating party at the time, and you remember your school principal walking up to you at the concession stand. She looked very serious, so you were certain [...]