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  • Were you aware that 51% of the United States’ population between the ages of 55 to 62 haven’t had a will drawn up yet? When considering the overall population, 64% of Americans don’t have a will. When someone is under 40 years of age and doesn’t have a will, it’s recommended to seek legal help [...]

  • On their surface, construction companies seems to be a pretty straight forward business. Companies submit bids for various jobs and complete the construction of the buildings and projects for the bids that they get. In reality, however, a construction company also has many other facets of its job. From obtaining the licenses needed for the [...]

  • A car accident doesn’t wait for a good day. There are no warnings in the split second it takes for you to turn a corner and find yourself in a head-on collision. Despite the catastrophic consequences of this short span of time, you (and potentially others) will feel the consequences for months to come. Instead [...]

  • It’s understandable to be nervous when it’s time to contact your local attorneys for help. Should you find yourself on the receiving end of a car crash or are considering the benefits of applying for bankruptcy, the next step can seem nearly impossible with your limited knowledge. How do you even begin navigating the complex [...]

  • Hiring an attorney or a group of attorneys is often the most important things that most Americans will do in their lifetime. For some people, hiring attorneys is simple and easy and is something they have to do for personal reasons such as bankruptcy or setting up a will for family members down the line, [...]

  • The rehabilitation expenses caught you by surprise. After the accident you spent your energies making sure that you received an insurance settlement that would cover the cost of replacing your car. In fact, you made sure that you were able to payout the rest of the lease and have enough money to make sure that [...]

  • Your 16 year old daughter was obviously flustered. Being in your first accident is always scary, but when you are stuck in the busy intersection close to your high school, the incident can be even more unsettling. Even though she was certain that the accident was not her fault, the fact that the other driver [...]