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How To Know If You Hired The Wrong Lawyer

So, you hired an attorney for the intellectual property issues you have going on. However, you are having problems with this “new” attorney. He is telling you one thing about your intellectual property issues and you are thinking a different way. Keep reading to learn the different ways to know if you hired the wrong lawyer for your intellectual property litigation problems.

Having Problems Getting Along Or Connecting With Your New Lawyer

If you are having problems getting along or connecting with your new lawyer, this might be a sign that you have hired the wrong one for your intellectual property issues. Are you having problems connecting with him or her on a personal level? Although it is just business between you two, you still want to be able to get along with him or her. If this seems like a problem, fire him or her and hire someone else who won’t give you problems getting along with them.

Your Attorney Is Lazy

Does your new attorney seem to not want to answer your phone calls, return your phone calls, answer simple questions, or even harder ones he or she should have no problem answering for that matter, or just doesn’t want to discuss the property issues you are having? If this is the case, maybe it is time to look for and hire a new lawyer as soon as possible.

Your Lawyer Is Incompetent

Although you may think your new attorney is smart because, after all, he or she did go to law school for many years and they had to pass the bar exam before they could even call themselves a lawyer. However, many lawyers tend to pick up a case thinking it is going to be pretty straightforward and easy. For example, they might pick up a criminal case, thinking they are all the same and it will be an easy one, not realizing how complex it really is. If this sounds like your attorney, dump him or her and hire a new one. You can do better for your patent protection.

Does Your “Gut” Tell You He Or She Is The Wrong Person For The Job?

If you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that he or she is not right for the job of helping you with your intellectual property issues, this is your gut telling you that you have hired the wrong lawyer for the job. Do your research and do yourself a favor and find a new one to hire. One that you easily get along with, is not lazy and will answer your phone calls, and one that proves he or she knows what they are doing. When it comes to a patent, you can’t mess around with the wrong attorney.

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