Truck Accidents What An Attorney Can Do For You

In the United States, the main form of transportation for many citizens is automobiles. Cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles- you name it, it’s on the road. More specifically, when you head down small roads, larger roads, and highways you see automobiles that are constantly in motion. They take individuals where they need to go. They help them arrive at their destination. They come in hoards, as there are now millions of automobiles running each and every day. How amazing! However, since there are in fact many automobiles on the roads, accidents are common. In actuality, a few years ago their were 37,133 fatalities caused by vehicle crashes, every single year 3 million people are injured in car accidents on the road, and automobile and motorcycle accidents cause over 35% of spinal cord injuries. if you were in a truck accident, here is what a truck accident attorney can do for you.

Truck Accidents

Whether it is a tractor trailer accident, or a commercial truck accident, trucking accidents can possibly be more serious and more dangerous than a car accident. This is because a tractor trailer is massive in size and in weight, and cars are much smaller and lighter than a tractor trailer. A tractor trailer can actually weigh up to 80,000. So, when involved in an accident, the tractor trailer can cause many injuries and, worse death. It is important to note that in a truck accident, much of the damage and the injury is done to the opposing car.

There are many reasons truck accidents unfortunately occur. You never want to become involved in a truck accident, but if you are here are some reasons it may have happened:

Driving Mistakes: Tractor trailer drivers have more on-road training than citizens who drive cars, or smaller trucks and SUVs. Since the vehicle they are driving is so massive, they have to have the proper training to drive it. However, tractor trailer drivers can still make road mistakes, similar to all drivers on the road. These mistakes include poor choices to say the least. Driving while extremely exhausted or ill, can cause an accident. If the tractor trailer driver cannot concentrate properly, an accident is more likely to occur.

Lack of Maintenance or Equipment Issues: Tractor trailer drivers are on the road continuously. Because of this, sometimes they do not uphold the maintenance they need done on their trailers. Because of this, factors like bad breaks can cause an accident. Additionally, if the drivers do not keep up with equipment, these pieces of the tractor trailer can fail, and cause an accident.

Regardless of the causes of a tractor trailer accident, they occur and can be deadly. After being involved in a truck accident, you’ll want to contact a truck accident attorney.

Truck Accident Attorney

Not only is a truck accident overwhelming and frightening, but the process afterwards can be as well. A truck accident attorney will work with you to ease the process and your emotions. You want someone on your side, someone who can (and will) fight for you- a truck accident attorney is the ideal person for you!

Experience: A truck accident attorney has the experience to assist you in receiving positive results from your case. A truck accident attorney will help properly investigate your case, and he or she will get you the compensation you deserve. You cannot do this alone, and you may not know where to begin, but a truck accident attorney knows exactly what to do. Let him or her handle the case for you so you can focus on fully recovering from your injuries.

Insurance: Insurance is a complicated issue when it comes to a tractor trailer, trucks, and commercial trucks. The driver of the truck and tractor trailer can have two different forms of insurance; one for the truck and one for the trailer. However, a truck accident attorney does not let this scare him or her. A truck accident attorney can throughly investigate, hold the driver responsible, and get you your compensation. And, they ease your stress and give you peace of mind.

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