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Protecting Legal Rights on Both Sides of the Law

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One of the most prominent topics frequently headlining the news over the course of the last few years is that of police brutality and civil rights. Many people can say that they come down firmly on one side of the argument or the other, but most often cases are not as black and white as we are often led to believe. It would be grossly inaccurate to try to make the statement that all police are out to target a certain type of person as a criminal, just as it would be false to claim that there aren’t any members of law enforcement at all guilty of racial profiling or injustice. Unfortunately this is a very real issue in our society today.

Legal rights on both sides of the law
Some people don’t understand that there is a basic standard for general human rights, and that that standard should not be violated for anything, no matter a person’s class, race or creed. Some people haven’t developed a proper sense of right and wrong, and believe that someone different from them should be treated or seen differently, and sometimes this bleeds into how people perceive one another. Actions reflect beliefs, and problems arise. When these issues arise between an officer of the law and a civilian, whether or not that civilian is a criminal, there must be repercussions. Seeking legal advice from a police brutality attorney could help in shifting the system to a more fair and just one. It is important to always know your rights with police, but to also treat them with the respect you would expect to be treated with. That police officer is a human being too, and thus has the same inalienable human rights as well as legal rights that allow him or her to do his or her job.

Protecting everyone’s legal rights
Police officers know that they could be risking their lives in their line of work. It can be dangerous and stressful. That does not give them the go-ahead to take away anyone’s rights as a human being, but it must be about cooperation. The best thing to do when interacting with a police officer is to politely comply with their requests and answer any questions they may have. It can get confusing if a member of law enforcement seems to overstep bounds and infringe on a citizen’s rights, but there are ways to report such misconduct and ensure proper proceedings in the future. Many officers must now wear cameras to document their shifts and interactions, and this evidence could be beneficial to have for both police officers and civilians with whom they interact. Everyone’s rights must be protected.

There are times that the headlines make it seem that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But look for the cases where police officers take the time to talk to would-be offenders instead of barreling in with guns drawn, or for the civilian who understands there are procedures the cops need to follow when he is carrying his own gun with a permit. Those are the examples to look at for positive change and progress.

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