Personal Injury Cases When a Person Can Sue

It’s best that you seek personal injury arbitration if you’ve suffered from a personal injury. This could make it easy for you to understand personal injury law terms and also learn some personal injury tips that could prove beneficial. To this end, you could do some research so that you learn about the details of personal injury and find answers to questions like how much is a civil lawsuit worth? This way, you’re going to find it a lot easier to follow along with the proceedings.

If you’ve hired wrongful death lawyers to help you get justice for someone else, you should also be willing to do additional research. If you do, you’re sure to have an easier time anticipating the possible ending and also keeping up with the professional with whom you work. That said, research is not mandatory to do, but you shouldn’t shy away from learning a thing or two about the issue. If you can do this, you may be able to help others who end up in a situation like yours in the future. You’re also quite likely to have better odds of getting the best outcome from the case, ensuring that the matter is dealt with well.

What happens when you drive drunk

People get in car accidents all the time. Sometimes it amounts to the failure of another driver to behave correctly. Sometimes it is not out of intent to injure. Sometimes it is an honest mistake where a person is not paying attention or mishandles the car. There is almost always negligence when it comes to a car accident. Some, therefore, sue.

Worldwide, 1.2 million people die in car accidents every year. There are hundreds of thousands of car accidents in the United States every year and more people than car accidents are injured in car accidents every year. Thousands and tens of thousands of people in the United States die from car accidents every year.

There are three major causes to fatal car accidents every year. They are drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving. Each involves a car driver who is negligent (breaking the law) when they drive and cause the accident. Often, these cases involve the filing of a personal injury claim. This is handled by personal injury attorneys.

The statistics surrounding drunk driving are difficult to hear. 1.5 million people are arrested annually for drunk driving in America. The average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before they are arrested. Thousands of people drive drunk every day in American and only 4,000 are arrested.

Then there is this, from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving statistical base: 30,000 people die from fatal motor vehicle accidents involving a drunk driver every year. That is a number of people that many will think is much too high. Certainly most people people would think that. Mothers Against Drunk Driving does a lot of good with advocacy.

Drunk driving, according to the law, is driving over the blood alcohol concentration limit that is stipulated by the state or by the local municipality. Some blood alcohol concentration limits are low, like .02, which is the equivalent of having a fifth of a drink. Others are higher, like .1, which is the equivalent of a full drink.

Drinking and driving results in many issues when the person drives. Drinking can dull a thought process and the ability to react quickly when something changes in the immediate vicinity. If a person walks across the road the drunk driver might not be able to respond quickly.

Drunk driving is an issue that has been noticed by the alcohol companies and the federal government. Laws have been passed on the federal and the state level to try to curb drinking and driving. Alcohol companies have worked to put the ‘drink responsibly’ in commercials.

Distracted driving is another serious issue. Distracted driving accounted for 10% of the deaths in car accidents during 2014 while alcohol-related accidents accounted for 31% of the deaths in car accidents. And there is another statistic that shows the prevalence of distracted driving:

At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving.

Distracted driving is generally slotted into one of three categories. First, there is visually distracted driving. Visually distracted driving is when a person’s eyes are off the road. There is manually distracted driving, when hands are taken off the wheel. And there is generally distracted, when a person’s attention is taken away from the road.

Aggressive driving is the third largest cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents. This occurs when a person is extremely aggressive on the road, sometimes weaving in and out of lanes and driving at a very high speed. An aggressive driver may tailgate or cut someone off.

In these cases, a person may file personal injury claim. They will likely sek out personal injury lawyers who know personal injury law who can help them win a case and recoup damages. There are other kinds of personal injury cases, such as the type that involves slippery floors.

Slippery floors are the leading cause of injuries within the workplace, according to some statistics. Slippery floors cause many accidents and if a person has not been instructed to wear slip resistant shoes or given safety training, the company can be sued for negligence for causing the injury.

Slippery floors are a serious issue in the workplace. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 17,000 slip and fall accidents occur every year.

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