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  • There’s a reason why the words jail and bail rhyme so well together. Maybe it’s because the invaluable bail bond services provided by bail bondsman are so highly sought after and needed. Whether it’s for non-arrest bonds, misdemeanor bail bonds, or felony criminal bonds, a bail bond agency provides a much needed service. Because really [...]

  • Finding and obtaining a job is a difficult process. Many people will have to do it numerous times to actually land a position. Many times, you will make it through the prescreening process, the testing part and maybe even an interview or two before you are informed that you were not chosen for the position. [...]

  • The divorce rate may not be as high as some people think it is, many marriages end this way. In the United States, approximately 41% of first marriages end in divorce. The divorce rate jumps to 60% for second marriages and then a full 73% for third marriages. While the process is never fun, divorce [...]

  • Take your qui tam lawsuits to the experts in this area of the law! In the work place, or as you go about your daily living, you encounter issues or products that may violate the law or your civil rights. If you experience a situation where you realize laws are being broken, and you decide [...]

  • Large trucks are involved in a lot of accidents each year. In 2012, there were about 333,000 large tucks that were a part of traffic crashes in the United States. During that same year, nearly 81% of fatal crashes that included large trucks were multiple-vehicle accidents. In accidents involving passenger vehicles only 58% involved multiple [...]