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Young Lawyers Charity Ball


Being a young lawyer is not easy. There are times when you have to do all the grunt work and wish someone could pat you on the back for the job well done. As an antitrust lawyer working in the trenches, especially if you work for a large corporation, you rarely experience anything like that. Gatehouse Legal Recruitment knows that being a young lawyer comes with many challenges. That’s why they decided to organize a Young Lawyers Charity Ball event, to raise awareness about the scourge of human trafficking and help young lawyers to feel valued by our community.

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The ball was held at Myer Mural Hall from 6:00 pm till late. The charity event was also supported by Human Trafficking Taskforce. Young lawyers got an opportunity to walk the red carpet with 3 friends and meet the cast of the new comedic online series The Farmer Wants A Wife and The Bachelor. The dress code was strictly formal. Young lawyers mingled with other lawyers and exchanged business cards.

Wine, champagne, and beer were served to lubricate conversation. And it went on as lawyers swapped tales about their industry, which is still male-dominated.

Then the MC took to the stage to open the event. The next speaker was introduced with much aplomb and rapturous applause. The speaker commended the organizers of the event and reiterated their stance on human trafficking.

Having young lawyers on-site was important to break the circle of human trafficking. Often, most lawyers turn a blind eye to such social issues.

The event was not short of entertainment. A live band performed for the audience, and everyone had a good time. In support of the Human Trafficking Taskforce, a number of items were auctioned off in both a silent and private auction.

A few hours later a 3-course dinner was served, lawyers sat down and dug in.

Young Lawyers Charity Ball is one of the great initiatives toward raising awareness about human trafficking. Lawyers possess the right skill set that can help survivors of human trafficking to navigate the legal process of reinventing themselves. Trafficked women and mirrors need legal representation, and young lawyers should begin considering offering their services for free to save them. Until then, this problem will continue to haunt the nation, and many lives will be lost, especially those who can’t speak for themselves.

The next Young Lawyers Charity Ball should shine a spotlight on this issue.



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