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  • Because a county attorney will serve a four-year term, you want that term to be bright and put a stop to as much crime as possible. That’s why Kirsten Pabst, Missoula County Attorney, is dedicating her time to Missoula County in Montana to dedicate her time to changing the way crime runs in Montana and [...]

  • People get in car accidents all the time. Sometimes it amounts to the failure of another driver to behave correctly. Sometimes it is not out of intent to injure. Sometimes it is an honest mistake where a person is not paying attention or mishandles the car. There is almost always negligence when it comes to [...]

  • This is the two year anniversary of one of the worst workplace injuries the community has ever seen. The week before Christmas two years ago a father of three children and a loving home was the victim of one of the most bizarre manufacturing workplace injuries that the local petroleum company has ever had to [...]

  • There are many construction projects currently taking place in the United States. In fact, statistics show that the United States maintains a 10% market share in regards to the worldwide construction market. It’s important to ensure that every aspect of a construction project goes as smoothly as possible. Many people find it beneficial to have [...]

  • A lot of people have been in the position of considering a timeshare. And numerous people have bought into a timeshare with visions of grandeur and expectations of living the high life in an enticing and thrilling destination. What you often do not hear, however, is the fact that a solid 85% of those who [...]

  • Your husband is a liar. He lied to counselors; he lied to attorneys; he lied to the judge, he lied to pastors; he continues to his divorce support group. He claims to have found Jesus, making him the worst kind of narcissist. You are in a spot where you cannot even go to the church [...]

  • if you have been injured by the negligence of another person, you may have a lawsuit. While no one really wants to be in the position to have to hire a personal injury attorney, there is reason that field of law exists. Finding the right personal injury lawyer may make all of the difference in [...]

  • You’ve been injured recently. Now what? A personal injury claim may be on the list. This can sound like a tall order, especially with recovery at the forefront of your mind, but this may be the best course of action to help you move forward without a hitch. Legal services are available to offer you [...]

  • Selecting a personal injury lawyer is a skill that you wish you did not possess. The fact that your family has had three vehicles totaled in the last two years, however, means that you have more experience in selecting a personal injury lawyer than you would care to admit! The first time that you got [...]